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Acute Low Back Pain – What should you do?

21 July 2009 No Comment

The first thing I usually advise people to do when they are in acute pain is to get into the “Astronaut Position” http://familydoctor.org/online/etc/medialib/famdoc/images/100-200/117b.Par.0001.Image.250.gif

10 minutes in this position will let the back muscles relax and help correct the hyperextended position most people adopt when their back is killing them.

Try not to annoy your back by testing it out all the time eg “Does it hurt when I twist here, does it hurt if I bend there?” etc. But try not to sit around too much either; I would try to be up every half hour or so, as sometimes people need a bit of rest but often it’s a good idea to be up and about a bit as well to keep things moving.

Alternating hot and cold water in the shower can be useful, and if you’re not sure whether to use heat or ice, read this http://www.chrisjonesosteo.workplacereportcard.com/?p=195

Panadol is recommended as the first line for pain relief, for other information on Anti-Inflammatories see http://www.chrisjonesosteo.workplacereportcard.com/?p=203

When you’re feeling up to it, pop in for some treatment. Treatment has been shown to lead to rapid improvements in function, mood, quality of life, and general health http://www.chrisjonesosteo.com.au/?p=130

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